Wilma Beck Olja Insect Repellent

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Wilma's natural products are made in the forest region of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.
Tried and tested natural remedies and products are produced in accordance with traditional methods.
Since the middle of the last century Beckolja (tar oil) has been used by the inhabitants of Northern Scandinavia  as an insect repellent against mosquitos and gnats.
Beck Olja is derived from traditional pine tar and made by Wilmas, the same company who make the ever popular Nordic Summer insect repellent.
With a strong pine tar smell this product gives a real feeling of a northern Scandinavian forest.



  • Made in Sweden
  • 25ml Bottle
  • Can be diluted



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Wilma Beck Olja Insect Repellent