Wazoo Survival Gear Watchstrap Compass

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Made in the USA by Wazoo Survival Gear. The Clamshell Compass, A high quality compass protected by a hinged lid and mounted in an ABS plastic strap-keeper housing. Slip it onto a watch band, weave into a DIY paracord bracelet, or attach to a piece of gear by sliding it on a strap or piece of webbing. For added protection , secure the lid closed with a ranger band. Now includes custom designed stickers free of charge to the inside of the lid and bottom of the container that can be used as an emergency light source and for emergency signalling.

The Glow Light can be charged with a natural or artificial light to read maps or charts in the dark, signal at night or extend the battery life of your flashlight; A few seconds of charging from your light gives you a few minutes of gentle glowing output enough to see your surroundings in a dark environment.

The Retro Reflector will shine light back at its source similar to a cat-eye effect. Ideal for night time rescue scenarios where searchers are using flashlights or spotlights, Whether on land or stranded at sea, Make sure you can be seen.


  • Hinged cover protects & conceals compass
  • Liquid filled
  • Fits most sports watch bands
  • Size: 2.4cm x 2.7cm x 1.6cm
  • Weight: 7g
  • Made in the USA

Grade AA - Highest Quality

  • Highly Luminous (Approximately 7-8 Hours)
  • Working temperature range of -20 degrees F to 120 degrees F
  • Water resistant to 100ft (30m)


Package Includes:

Wazoo Clamshell Compass Grade AA