Wazoo Clamshell Stash Container

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Made in the USA by Wazoo Survival Gear. The Clamshell Container, A secret compartment you can add on your watch band, weave into DIY paracord bracelets, or attach to a piece of gear by sliding it on a strap or piece of webbing. Now includes a free glow light signal sticker inside the clamshell lid and a retro reflector signal sticker located on the bottom of the container.

The Glow Light can be charged with a natural or artificial light to read maps or charts in the dark, signal at night or extend the battery life of your flashlight; A few seconds of charging from your light gives you a few minutes of gentle glowing output enough to see your surroundings in a dark environment.

The Retro Reflector will shine light back at its source similar to a cat-eye effect. Ideal for night time rescue scenarios where searchers are using flashlights or spotlights, Whether on land or stranded at sea, Make sure you can be seen.

Please Note: Paracord bracelet and fishing kit as seen in photos is NOT included.



  • Will Fit Straps Up To 25mm Wide
  • Included Glow Light Sticker
  • Included Retro Reflective Sticker


Package Includes:

Wazoo Clamshell Container