Wazoo Adventure Water Purification Kit

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The most compact and capable emergency survival hydration kits ever created. These ultra-slim resources give you the ability to carry and purify water anytime, anywhere. Each kit includes two Katadyn Micropur purification tablets capable of purifying one liter of water each and Wazoo's custom Emergency Reservoir™ one liter water container. 

Should you find yourself in a situation that requires more than two litres of water, the Emergency Reservoir™ is made of food-grade plastic, rated up to 400 degrees F, allowing you to boil water over a bed of coals for additional safe drinking water.

The Ranger Bands can be used as flame extenders while starting a fire for boiling, a hang loop for suspending the bag over coals, or as a bag tie to seal the water bag for transport. 

The Adventure Water Kit includes additional supplies for pre-filtering out any larger debris in the water as well as a piece of aluminium sheet metal that can be fashioned into a small windbreak for your fire, flame guard to protect the bag when boiling over coals, a cup to drink from, or a water scoop, allowing you to fill your bag from puddles and other shallow water sources.



  • Emergency Reservoir™ 1 Liter Water Bag
  • 2x Katadyn Micropur 1 Water Purification Tablets
  • 3x Ranger Bands
  • Pre-filter
  • 6"x12" Industrial Aluminium Foil (more like sheet metal)


Package Includes:

Wazoo Adventure Water Purification Kit