Ultimate Waterproof XL Tinder Kit

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Our new Ultimate Waterproof Firelighting Tinder Kit XL, has all the components to get a fire started quickly and efficiently. Includes a wide variety of tinder’s and firestarters that will get a fire ignited in any weather, be it rain or wind this kit will get you a fire started in no time at all. The contents are packed securely in waterproof snap lock bright orange storage box complete with a genuine USA made 550 paracord neck lanyard.

Components Included:

Fire Fibre:

is a new all-weather fire starter and will ignite when wet and will even burn on water, it will instantly catch a spark from the included flint & striker or lighter. Manufactured from thousands of small cotton like fibres with a special wax coating making it waterproof & windproof.

Magnesium Powder:

Very fine magnesium powder which will instantly catch a spark and help get wet kindling ignited can also be used for emergency signalling due to the bright white light emitted when ignited

Treated Pine Dust:

Treated in house by us which makes the natural pine dust burn very slow yet very hot, giving you plenty of time to collect kindling and build your campfire.

Natural Maya Dust:

Maya dust is produced from Fatwood sticks, Fatwood is born from the wood of old pine stumps left for waste after logging, it is made from splitting the stumps of pine trees that contain a high concentration of natural resin, As the stumpwood hardens over time, the resin or sap concentrates to create an all-natural 100% organic chemical free fire starter.

Natural Kapok:

Similar texture to cotton wool, will easily catch a spark from either a flint & striker or to make it last longer its ideal to mix with the maya dust or pine dust to create a bird nest.

140mm Fatwood Stick

Can be simply used as a feather stick or shave small pieces off with your knife.

4 x Dry Wood Sticks

A basic yet effective way of building your campfire, use any of the other tinder’s to start the fire and add the dry wood sticks to help build the fire.

Cotton Wool:

Fantastic as a spark catcher using as it is, or sprinkle with magnesium powder to give it more of a kick when ignited.

2 x BCB Dragon Fuel Blocks:

Eco friendly green & clean solid fuel, each block will burn for around 8 mins and two blocks around 12 mins can be used out the wrapper or with multi fuel cooking stoves can also be used as hand sanitizer.

5 x 140mm x 6mm Natural Jute Sticks:

Jute will instantly catch a spark and is perfect to transfer an ember to your required location of fire, can be unraveled into thousands of hair like fibres.

5 x 90mm x 6mm Beeswax Jute Sticks:

The waxed version of the jute sticks will give a much longer burn time and at the same time making it a waterproof & windproof tinder.

Metal Sharpener:

Included to be used in conjunction with the Beeswax jute sticks to produce fine shavings which will allow it to easily catch a spark and can also be used with small twigs to produce fine wood shavings.

Disposable Lighter:

A quick and simple way to get a fire started in an emergency.

Glow In The Dark Flint & Striker:

A solid 70mm x 8mm ferrocerium rod complete with a glow in the dark handle, throws showers of hot sparks that will get any of the above tinder’s ignited in no time, also includes striker with bottle opener and ruler.

Fresnel Lens (Magnifying Lens)

A thin credit card size magnifying lens perfect for those hot sunny days practicing solar firelighting


  • 160mm x 105mm
  • Waterproof Storage Box
  • Bright Orange
  • Made In The UK

Package Includes:

Ultimate Waterproof Firelighting Tinder Kit XL