The Bath Bushcraft Shop 750ml Stainless Steel Cup & Stove Set

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Our new 750ml (25oz) cup with lid manufactured from high quality stainless steel, ideal when out exploring and need a cup you can put directly on the camp fire or to use along side the included stainless steel stove,

The cup comes complete with folding handles and lid which will keep out any nasties from ruining your drink of choice and help reduce overall boil time saving time and fuel, the lid also includes straining holes to help measure out the correct amount of water when making MRE'S etc.

The included stainless steel stove is perfect to use alongside the stainless steel cup, can be used as a wood stove or with an alcohol (meths) stove can be placed underneath to give you a larger platform for cooking on with larger pots and pans such as Zebra billy cans etc.



  • Cup Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm approx
  • Cup Weight & Lid: 210g approx
  • Stove Dimensions: 13cm x 8cm approx
  • Stove Weight: 122g approx
  • Material: Stainless Steel



Package Includes:

Stainless Steel Cup & Stove Set