SparkFire Tinder - Emergency Fire Starter

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Our SparkFire Tinder is the ultimate fire starter, Designed to catch the weakest of sparks can be used with a Firesteel, traditional flint & striker, or direct flame.

Infused with our proprietary wax solution makes the SparkFire Tinder an all weather fire starter, doesn't matter if it gets wet and damp it will still take a spark.

Simply take a small pinch, fluff it up to expose the fibres and apply spark, you then have the base of your fire, just slowly build up with larger pieces of kindling, its that easy.



  • Size: 70mm x 25mm
  • Weight of SparkFire Included: 20 grams
  • Overall Weight: 34 grams
  • Aluminium Storage Tin


Package Includes:

SparkFire Tinder -  Emergency Fire Starter