SnugPak Hammock Insulated Quilt

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If you've tried to climb into a sleeping bag on a hammock, you'll know what a struggle it can be! The Hammock Bushcraft Quilt is designed to keep you warm and comfortable with the benefit of giving you easy access to your hammock. The quilt lays over you with a section for your feet and insulated flaps to tuck down each side, helping to keep it in place all night.

Filled with Snugpak's Travelsoft Insulation, it can be stored in the supplied stuff sack for long periods of time, and when unpacked it won't have lost any thermal characteristics.



  • Weight: 1100g
  • Includes Compression Stuff Sack
  • Antibacterial - Discourages the growth of bacteria which also results in reduction of odours
  • Made with Micro Diamond fabric with a Paratex antibacterial treatment
  • Pack Size: 24cm x 22cm (9" x 9")


Package Includes:

Snugpak Bushcraft Quilt