SnugPak 100L Bergen

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The Snugpak Bergen is the daddy of all rucksacks. The Bergen features all the benefits of its cousin, the RocketPak, but with even more capacity. Whether you’re going on a long or short adventure, you’ll find this versatile rucksack becomes your best friend. The 70 litre capacity main compartment means you can just about fit the kitchen sink in, but with the zipped, removable side pouches you also have the flexibility to downsize it as you need.

In fact, it offers three size options: a full 100 litre capacity version; a 70 litre option created by removing the two 15 litre rocket pouches, leaving the 70 litre central compartment; or a handy 30 litre day sack created by coupling the two rocket pouches with the separately available ‘Snugpak Yoke’ - perfect for less strenuous days! The Bergen also looks after you - it’s contoured, heavily padded chest straps faced with textured high wicking fabrics direct perspiration away from your body, keeping you dry for longer.


  • Overall Weight: 2460g
  • Durable, Lightweight & Tough
  • Water Repellent
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Side Pouches
  • 100L Volume
  • Zipped compartment on the top and bottom for easy access
  • Detachable side pouches (each with a 15 litre capacity)
  • Compatible with the issued PLCE system
  • Dimensions: 82cm x 70cm
  • Made from 600D heavy duty nylon for heavy and sustained use


Package Includes:

Snugpak Bergen