Sawyer Pocket First Aid Kit

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The Sawyer first aid kit, A lightweight yet effective first aid kit, with contents and instructions you can do the following, Wound clean - up, remove splinters, wound management including anti-infection ointments, treat blisters, insect bites and stings and much more.


2 x Povidone/Iodine Wipes, 2 x Antiseptic Wipes, 5 x Alcohol Pads, 2 x Sting Wipes, 1 x Antibiotic Ointment, 5 x Mini Bandage Strips, 10 x Standard Bandage Strips, 1 x Knuckle Bandage, 1 x Fingertip Bandage, 1 x Extra Large Bandage Strip, 2 x 2" x 3" Non Adherent Sterile Pad, 1 x Tweezers & Resealable Pouch.

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Sawyer Pocket First Aid Kit