Sawyer Complete Bite & Sting Kit

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The Sawyer Complete Bite & Sting Kit, Retrieving venom can significantly improve treatment results. Most snake bites occur in the extremities (arms, lower legs, feet & ankles) The effectiveness of the Extractor Pump varies with the location of the bite. Venom often pools outside of the muscles in bites to the hands, feet and ankles. The Extractor Pump can most effectively retrieve venom that is pooled outside the muscle areas. In large muscle mass areas such as the calf muscle venom enters the circulatory system much more quickly and the Extractor Pump is not as effective in removing venom in these areas. Stings & insect bites leave venom and poisons close to the skin's surface where they can easily be retrieved, Best results occur when applying the pump quickly before the fluids enter the circulatory system. However, mosquito bites can often be treated successfully hours after a bite.

The Extractor Pump was designed specifically to provide the most powerful suction available to safely remove venom's & poisons. Its suction of 750 millibars is so powerful there is no cutting necessary. This eliminates using and carrying the dangerous scalpel blades or knives recommended by less effective kits. The Extractor Pump removes the poisons which cause the pain. The suction is created by simply thrusting the plunger downward using the thumb and two fingers.


  • Four Plastic Applicator Cups
  • Safety razor for removal of body hair
  • Sting care pads, for pain relief
  • Alcohol pads for wound clean-up
  • Complete bite & sting book
  • Carry case


Package Includes:

Sawyer Complete Bite & Sting Kit