Samurai GKC Series Fixed Blade Saw

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Samurai Saw GKC Series, This saw offers the latest in both blade and handle technology. The precision ground teeth have been designed to keep the cutting action consistent along the full length of the pull stroke, making it probably the most efficient, user friendly blade available in the world. The blade design is unique to Samurai. The saw is an adaption of the GC series with a modified blade, the Raker tooth design aids removal of sawdust making cutting softer types of wood easier.

Impulse Hardened Teeth: Hardness 900HV - 950HV (HRC 67-68 degrees) Impulse hardening. The razor sharp edges combined with impulse hardening make for the teeth that will last three times longer than conventional teeth and it is most suitable for cutting tough dry wood.

Handle Design: The computer designed handle is based on human engineering principals. The hand grip is covered with rubber cushion to prevent slipping. The special curve of the handle reduces effort required for cutting, making it possible to cut harder material with ease. The four notched pistol grip is designed to fit your hand perfectly, giving you the ultimate non slip grip.



  • Blade Length: 240mm
  • Raker tooth design
  • 4mm impulse hardended teeth
  • Flexible and detachable belt loop
  • Ergonomic soft pistol grip handle
  • Replacement blades available


Package Includes:

Samurai GKC 240mm Saw