Romney's Extra Strong Mint Cake

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Romney's Extra Strong Kendal Mint Cake,  The original and still the best high energy food bar, The Kendal mint cakes are packed full of sugar and glucose and are a favourite for anyone that may need a energy boost when out in the field, The Extra Strong bar is based on the standard white mint cake but with a KICK, Romney's Kendal Mint Cake was the first mint cake to be successfully carried to the top of Mount Everest on the 29th May 1953 this being the first successful expedition to the summit, Romney's were approached by the 1953 expedition to Everest to see whether they could supply Mint Cake to them within 7 days. Sir Edmund Hilary and Sirdar Tensing ate this Mint Cake on top of Everest as they gazed at the countryside far below them, Since then Kendal Mint Cake has become a firm favourite with Hikers, Climbers and visitors to the Lake District.

A member of the successful Everest  Expedition Wrote- " It was easily the most popular item on our high altitude ration - Our only criticism was that we did not have enough of it".



  • Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Syrup, Water, Peppermint Oil.
  • Net Weight: 170g


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Romney's Kendal Mint Extra Strong