Rogan USA MUTT Carbon Steel Multi Tool

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MUTT stands for Multipurpose, Utility, Trenching, Tool. This hard-use tool was designed to be used for everything you wouldn’t want to use your knife for. All ROGAN Tools are designed to dig, split, pry and hammer.  The MUTT is capable of digging holes and tearing out roots, splitting wood for a camp fire, prying open wooden crates and hammering in tent stakes. The design for the MUTT came from the idea of incorporating many useful camp tools into one compact package that’s easy to take with you anywhere.  This tool allows you to pack lighter by taking the place of heavy camp tools such as a camp shovel, axe, tent stake hammer, saw, etc. The MUTT is the result of many decades of research out in the field and is one of the most reliable and useful tools you can take with you.


The MUTT includes an OKC molle compatible sheath that features a rigid protective insert and double snap closures. The sheath also features a belt loop so that it may be worn on the hip in the traditional belt mount configuration. An optional Nite Ize carabiner is a great way to clip the MUTT on a belt loop or backpack without the use of a sheath. 


No matter if you carry the MUTT in a sheath or clip it to your belt or backpack, you will be sure to have a hard use tool that’s ready go for any outdoors task. 



  • 100% American made
  • Handle wrapped in genuine 550 army green paracord
  • Carbon steel
  • Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 407g
  • Size: 250mm x 31mm x 7mm



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