Rats Gen 2 Rapid Application Tourniquet

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Rats Gen 2 - Rapid Application Tourniquet System Generation 2, Is the fastest tourniquet on the market, and proven in combat. Invented and patented by a 28 year Special Forces Medic with multiple combat trauma experiences under his belt. The RATS uses a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath, combined with a unique locking mechanism to make an incredibly fast torniquet to apply to self or others. No other tourniquet compares to the RATS when being used under stress in terms of time or ease of use.



  • Now 100% American Made
  • 6 Inches longer than Gen 1
  • Easy to learn & use
  • Simply designed and allows for one handed use
  • Designed to also allow for use on small limbs, i.e working dogs
  • Proven to be effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities
  • Small and takes up minimal space allowing you to store them almost anywhere


Package Includes:

RATS Gen 2 Black Tourniquet