Ni Glow Self Glowing Kit Marker

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Ni Glo Kit Marker's, Designed for marking equipment and personal property and useful for anything you may wish to locate in low light or dark conditions. Quickly recharges by sun or artificial light sources i.e torches, LED's, car headlamps etc, then glows for up to 10 hours in darkness.

Ni-Glo is a unique self-glow marking device measuring only 5cm x 1.2cm which can be repeatedly recharged when required. Recharge takes place by exposure to sun or artificial light sources i/e torches, LED's, car headlamps etc. Ni-Glo will begin to function after only ten minutes exposure to direct light but a longer charge or stronger light source will increase Ni-Glo brightness and prolong it's afterglow. Ni-Glo is a battery free, safe and non harzardous kit marker.

The kit marker is supplier with a clip & joint to make the Ni-Glo suitable for attaching to rucksacks or clothing therefore helping to be seen while walking at night alternatively attach Ni-Glo to tent entrance zips, keys, phones, animals or anything which needs to be found in the dark.


  • Power & battery free
  • No chemical reaction involved
  • No radioactive technology
  • Purely physical process



Package Includes:

Ni Glo Kit Marker