Natural Tinder Selection Pack

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Selection of natural tinder perfect for lighting your campfire. Includes 15g Natural Kapok, 30g Maya Dust, 30g Treated Pine Dust each tinder comes contained in its own resealable bag. Each tinder is perfect for using with a ferro rod, flint & striker or matches and will easily ignite.

Natural Kapok:

Similar texture to cotton wool, Will easily catch a spark from either a flint & steel or lighter ideal to mix with the maya dust or treated pine dust.

Natural Maya Dust:

Maya dust is produced from Fatwood sticks, Fatwood is born from the wood of old pine stumps left for waste after logging, it is made from splitting the stumps of pine trees that contain a high concentration of natural resin, As the stumpwood hardens over time, the resin or sap concentrates to create an all natural, 100% organic chemical free fire starter.

Treated Pine Dust:

Treated in house by us which makes the natural pine dust burn very slow yet very hot , Giving you plenty of time to collect kindling and slowly build your campfire.


  • Includes: 30g Treated Pine Dust, 30g Natural Maya Dust, 15g Natural Kapok
  • Each tinder comes in a resealable and reusable bag
  • Ideal for practicing fire lighting techniques


Package Includes:

Natural Tinder Firelighting Pack