Natural Beeswax Jute Tinder Sticks

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100% Natural Beeswax jute tinder sticks, each tin contains 15 sticks of 6mm x 80mm natural jute saturated in all natural beeswax. This is one reliable source of dry tinder that you can count on, Beeswax will never evaporate like some modern chemical fire starters, Where we have impregnated the jute with beeswax it makes the jute fully waterproof and will even ignite after being submerged in water. The jute sticks can be ignited by a lighter and used as a slow burning match to get a fire started or the sticks can be feathered and fluffed up and ignited with a traditional flint & steel.

The included 15 sticks will ignite 100's of fires if used correctly and carefully, the Natural Beeswax Jute Sticks are fully waterproof and windproof and will even ignite and burn on water. Each 6mm stick is made up of 1000's of natural jute fibres and can be pulled apart which will catch a spark quick and easy. Unlike commercially available fire starters the Natural Beeswax Jute Sticks will not give off any bad chemical smells.



  • 100% Natural Beeswax Jute Sticks
  • Includes 15 Sticks
  • Includes Storage Tin 
  • Tin Size: 96mm x 59mm x 21mm
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Natural Beeswax Jute Sticks