Mora Eldris Neck Knife Kit - Red

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In addition to a top knife, you also get an accessory kit that takes Eldris to the next level.

There’s a paracord rope so you can hang the knife around your neck, and a secondary lock so the knife sits even more securely in the sheath.

The kit also includes a fire lighter that matches the size of the knife, perfect when it’s time to light the campfire or camp stove.

The Mora Eldris blade is made of 12C27, a high quality Swedish stainless steel that is treated through unique processes in the Mora factory. What's more, the handy size of the blade suits the varied situations you can encounter on your hike, camping trip or when hunting. The knife has a secure grip made out of two different polymers and a click lock, making the knife safe to handle Perfect for both new and experienced adventurers.

The blade is 2mm thick and 59mm long, or in this case, short. This means the knife is simple and efficient to keep in your pocket or rucksack, and you still get all the benefits of strength and safety from the fixed blade.



  • Net Weight: 119g
  • Product Length: 154mm
  • Gross Weight: 177g
  • Product Width: 43mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Knife Length: 143mm
  • Blade Length: 59mm
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel


Package Includes: 

Mora Eldris Neck Knife Kit - Red