Liquid Skin - The Better Bandage

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Liquid Skin helps prevent infection by limiting exposure to dirt and germs. Unlike regular plasters Liquid Skin conforms to all body contours to provide a protective shield on elbows, knees, knuckles, finger tips, neck, feet and other flexible parts of the body. Liquid Skin does not peel off, it will last for up to 5 days dependent on skin care, it is 100% waterproof and sweatproof. Liquid Skin will seal in the body's natural oils and moisture enhancing the natural healing process.


Liquid Skin is the only skin glue on the market that can be used across the entire family, fantastic for children since unlike a regular plaster they are unable to pick and peel off a couple of minutes after applying the plaster, once applied they wont even no there is a plaster covering their cut.Liquid Skin is a low odour and no sting formula which can be applied quick and easy to any minor wounds from the handy 1g pipette.

Liquid Skin also acts as a great barrier on blisters caused by rubbing shoes, boots etc instead of unsightly plasters. Liquid Skin is made from a formulated medical Cyanoacrylate a medical grade adhesive also known as Skin Glue which has been is use for decades for the treatment of minor wounds.

Due to the size of the 1g pipette (70mm x 9mm) they can be carried and stored anywhere, handbags, survival kits, car glove boxes, rucksacks , medical kit etc. Each 1g tube contains enough Liquid Skin for upto 20 applications (Dependent on amount used).


Size: 70mm x 9mm


Package Includes:

2 x 1g Liquid Skin Pipette