Lansky Replacement Hones

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Lansky's range of replacement hones designed for the Lansky Sharpening System, Lansky's alumina-oxide sharpening hones have set the worldwide standard for modern sharpening technology.


Extra Coarse Grit

Super fast cutting (70 grit) stone to cut away large amounts of steel from extremely dull, deteriorated edges.

Coarse Grit

Used to start edges on all types of knives, large or small. Used by carvers, sportsmen, butchers and by anyone desiring a keen edge on their knives and tools as rapidly as possible.

Medium Grit

This Medium Hone is excellent for keeping a fine sharp edge on all knives.

Ultra Fine Grit

This (1000 grit) ceramic hone is used only on blades that are already extremely sharp.

Super Fine Grit

The (2000 grit) Super Sapphire Hone is used for final polishing of an already sharp blade to achieve the ultimate finish.

Fine Grit

Fine Grit (600) This hone works best in conjunction with the series of coarser hones to refine and polish a already sharp edge, The fine grit is ideal for smoothing out scratches from a medium abrasive hone.

Leather Stropping Hone

Polishing a knife edge or "stropping" with leather will result in the most keen edge your blades have seen since they left the factory. Stropping with leather is an age old technique for polishing a blade edge that delivers unparalleled results. This leather hone is used only on blades that are already extremely sharp.



  • Made In The USA
  • Designed to be used with the Lansky Sharpening System


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Lansky Replacement Hones