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The KA-BAR Backpack Kaster, an American-made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures, manufactured from Ultramid and weighs 0.25lb. It comprises of three main components. The handle is inspired by the iconic KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility Knife and has a hollow storage compartment for extra line and lures. The head of the Kaster is where your fishing line attaches, and a plastic clamp-like device is included to secure your line in place when not in use.


  • Made in the USA
  • Fishing Line Not Included
  • Can hold 8lb line x 100 yards @ 0.11" diameter
  • Can hold 10lb line x 90 yards @ 0.12" diameter


Package Includes:

KA-BAR Backpack Kaster