Glo Gun Glow In The Dark Rucksack Dangler

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Handmade in the UK, using the highest quality photoluminescent technology. Our Glo Gun is perfect for attaching to rucksacks, zipper pull's or anywhere you fancy attaching it, The Glo Gun comes complete with a 4mm lanyard hole so you can attach to your favourite coloured paracord and simply attach to the item of your choice.

The Glo Gun can be simply charged from being exposed to natural daylight and any other source of light, the longer they are exposed the longer the afterglow will be. They will emit a glo long into the night and if given a decent charge it can last for up to 20 hours, and simply recharged by a light source.



  • Size: 75mm x 52mm approx
  • Will produce a glow for over 20 years
  • 4mm Lanyard Hole


Package Includes:

Glo Gun Rucksack Dangler Kit Marker