Giant 8" x 1/2" Fire Steel With Hole

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Our new Giant high quality ferrocerium fire starting firesteel, If your after something that packs a punch and will last the test of time then this is the one for you. Measuring in at 1/2" x 8" it will provide over 20,000 strikes,

You can use the back of your knife or a piece of carbon steel to strike the firesteel which will produce showers of white hot sparks reaching temperatures of 3,000°c. The firesteel is large enough to hold with a good grip even with gloves on, giving you more control or you can of course personalise with your own handle.



  • Size: 1/2" x 8" 
  • Lanyard Hole: 4mm


Package Includes:

Giant Ferrocerium Fire Steel With Hole