Ganzo Axe Combo Set

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The Ganzo axe is made of 3CR13 (modified steel 440A) and polymeric materials for the handle. Steel grade 3CR13 is stainless, so you can use the axe in any weather. The steel is also well protected from the influence of pitches which maybe contained in the wood. However for safety it is better to wipe dry after use. The blade of the axe is covered with black resistant paint that removes all the glare of the sun during use of the axe. This detail in some extent, serves to increase the user's safety.

Axe blade width at the base is only 4.4cm but towards the cutting edge it extends to 8cm. The handle is made of fibre glass reinforced nylon which makes it a strong and reliable material which isn't susceptible to sudden temperature changes, soaking and hits. Handle length is 34.7cm and width 3.5cm, the handle extends at the end to prevent accidental slippage of the hand during chopping at the end of the handle is a wide opening to which a lanyard can be fitted.

The saw is stored inside the empty handle of the axe and can be accessed easily when needed, The total size of the saw is 30cm and 18cm of which is the cutting blade which is manufactured from the same steel as the axe. Saw has a bright yellow handle made from tough ABS plastic. The third element is the fire steel which neatly stores in the axe sheath when not in use.



  • Package Includes: Axe, Firesteel & Saw
  • Material: Stainless Steel 3CR13
  • Overall weight: 860g
  • Total length of Saw: 30cm 
  • Total length of Axe: 34.7cm
  • Flint Size: 7cm


Package Includes:

Ganzo Axe Combo