Field Notes Autumn Trilogy 3-Pack

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This Limited Edition 3-pack is perfectly simple, but the process that made it that way was anything but. First, we selected three beautiful cover papers from Mohawk: “Warm Red,” “Safety Yellow” and “Scarlet.” These roughly approximate the Fall leaf colors of the North American Sugar Maple, the American Elm, and the Scarlet Oak.

The cover of each book features a realistic debossed leaf of a specific tree species, ever so slightly varnished to add contrast and bring out the subtleties of the 3-D leaf shape. In addition, the Field Notes logotype is embossed. These effects have been achieved by producing a master “sculpted” die, carved into a brass plate in precise detail, and then painstakingly polished, inspected and cleaned up by hand.



  • Pack of three
  • Made in the USA
  • Lined pages


Package Includes:

Field Notes Autumn Trilogy 3-Pack