Procamptek Fat Rope Stick Gen 4 Emergency Fire Starter

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The new GEN 4 version of the popular Fat Rope Stick, Fat Rope Stick is a portable, packable, clean, efficient and weather - resistant fire starting - tinder. It can be lit with a variety of common methods from lighters, matches, but is specially designed to work with ferrocerium rods, also known as ferro rods or fire steels. Fat Rope Stick is handmade to achieve superb performance in all weather conditions. The compact design, along with the relatively soft texture, makes Fat Rope Stick easy to cut with your favourite knife and simple to process for burning. Fat Rope Stick's performance surpasses anything currently in your bag. Please note: knife is not included


  • Size: 6" x 1".2"
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Non - Toxic
  • Weatherproof
  • Cut what you need and save the rest for later


Package Includes:

Fat Rope Stick Gen 4