EDC Pocket Survival Kit

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Our new EDC Pocket Survival Kit, is the latest edition to our pocket range of emergency kits. Designed to be carried with your daily carry providing essential items you may find useful on a day to day basis and if an emergency situation arises it will also assist in this scenario.

The EPSK will provide assistance in the following scenarios

  • Fire lighting
  • First Aid
  • Fishing for food
  • Emergency signalling
  • Collecting & treating suspect water for drinking
  • Repairing torn or damaged clothing
  • Navigation

The EPSK includes various high quality items as below, 


Fire Starting

Solid brass construction sparker wheel, will work when wet and will ignite hundreds of fires, simply spin the wheel and sparks will instantly be produced, flint is fully replaceable when worn out, 1 x Procamptek Fire Plug & 12" Fire Strip Roll - infused with Procamptek's proprietary wax solution making both tinders fully waterproof and provides a long burn time, Simply fluff the required tinder and apply spark straight from the Brass sparker to get a fire going instantly.


20mm liquid filled button compass encased in a watch strap holder, so can either be kept in the EPSK or removed and placed on watch strap up to 22mm.

Fishing Kit / Sewing Kit

25ft Kevlar thread can be used as fishing line or used as thread for repairing torn clothing, 2 x safety pins,  1 x egg weight, 4 x shot weight, 1 x rubber worm bait, 4 x hooks & sharp edge

First Aid

6" x 1.5" Mepore plaster (can be cut to size), 1 x Liquid skin - medical grade glue which can be used to treat minor wounds and provides up to 20 applications per tube, 1 x Alcohol wound cleaning wipe.

Water Treatment

4 x Oasis water purification tablets, each tablet will treat 1ltr of suspect water in 30mins making it drinkable, 1 x Wazoo 1 Litre water bag - manufactured from food grade plastic and is rated up to 400 degrees F meaning you can boil water over a bed of coals with no risk of releasing toxins or chemicals back into the water.


Aluminium alloy high pitched whistle, located on the bottom of the tin are full instructions for the International morse code.


2 x 1.5" green glow sticks - will provide a small amount of light for 3-6 hours and on the reverse of the lid is a glow panel which can be charged from torches, or natural light and this will provide hours of glow depending on the amount charged.



Size: 80mm x 50mm x 15mm

Weight: 80g Approx 



Package Includes:

EDC Pocket Survival Kit