EDC Pocket Fire Kit

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Our new all weather Pocket Fire Kit, contains all the tools needed to get a fire started in an emergency situation all contained in a compact storage tin.

Every component of the Pocket Fire Kit is the highest of quality and also all components are weatherproof so doesnt matter what the weather you will still be able to get a fire started, The Pocket Fire Kit really is a kit you can count on when you need it most.

80mm x 8mm Ferrocerium Rod & Striker

A solid 80mm ferrocerium rod which is the main fire starting tool included in the kit, fully waterproof and will produce 1000's of sparks and will ignite any of the included tinder's without and problems, The included striker is to use along the ferrocerium rod and also includes a bottle opener and ruler,

5 x UCO Stormproof Matches

The UCO Stormproof matches are top of their game when it comes to weatherproof matches, each match will burn for 12 seconds and will even ignite after being submerged in water.

5 x Procamptek's Fire Plugs

From the creators of the popular Fat Rope Stick, the new Fire Plug's are truly an all weather tinder, simply twist, fluff up and apply spark. They will catch the weakest of sparks and once ignited will burn 4-5 minutes each. Manufactured from densely packed cotton infused with wax & a proprietary blend of flammable materials.

3 x 12"roll of Procamptek's Fire Strip Roll

Three compact 12" rolls of the new Fire Strip Roll, perfect to wrap around small pieces of kindling and then igniting using the included striker or matches to get a fire going fast.




  • Size: 80mm x 50mm  x 15mm
  • Handmade in the UK



Package Includes:

EDC Pocket Fire Kit