DD Frontline Multicam XL Hammock & 4 x 4 Tarp Combo Deal

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The DD Frontline Multicam XL Hammock & 4 x 4 Multicam Tarp Combo Deal, 

The massive DD XL Frontline MC offers the same breathable base and ultra-fine bug netting as the regular Frontline - but features full curved spreader poles to create a tunnel effect and maximise the benefit of the extra floor width.

The XL FL (Frontline) Hammock comes with built on mosquito net and has zips on either side of the mosquito net which allow for very quick entry/ exit either side of the hammock.

It also allows the mosi net to be tied above the hammock out of the way when not needed and it can be dropped back down in seconds as soon as required.

As well as for use in the UK / Europe this hammock is a great jungle hammock due to its breathablity and built on fine mesh mosquito net.

Set-ups possible:

  • With mosquito net deployed (fully insect proof)
  • With mosquito net tied above (ready to drop down/ use if needed)
  • With mosquito net underneath (lie out in the sun)
  • Ground/ bed set-up 

Features Include:

  • Black (easy to see out of) built in mosquito net
  • Lightweight, foldable poles (to help spread out the mosquito net)
  • Dual, breathable base layers make this hammock at home in hot and cold climates
  • Insulation (foam mat etc.) can be inserted between the layers in cold weather
  • Zips either side of hammock for quick and easy entry / exit
  • Mosquito net keeps out all insects
  • Can be used without mosquito net when not needed
  • Internal pockets and adjustable hanging pocket + loops for storing/hanging gear


  • Size: 3m x 1.8m (comfortable for people of any height and up to 125kg)
  • Weight: 1250g excl. Webbing and Poles
  • Includes: 10m of Webbing, 2 x 1m Elastic Cord, 2 x Poles for Mosquito Net, Hanging Pocket


The massive DD Tarp 4x4 is the ultimate dry cover solution for groups, teams and work spaces. 19 reinforced attachment points allow for a whole variety of set-up options, whether that's to cover a few hammocks at once or to form a sturdy shelter for you and your friends.

DD Multicam is ideal if your looking for a natural, seamless camouflage. The pattern is designed to blend in with woodlands, mountain environments and more.


  • Size: 4m x 4m
  • Colour: MultiCam
  • Weight: 1290g (excl. Pegs & Guy Lines)
  • Includes: 4 x Pegs & Guy Lines, Stuff Sack


Package Includes

DD Hammock Frontline Multicam XL Hammock

DD 4 x 4 Multicam Tarp