CarePlus Tick Out Removal Tool

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Have you been in the countryside? Check yourself for tick bites! If you find a tick bite, it is very important that the tick is removed quickly, safely, and in the correct manner. You should do so within eight hours, using the Care Plus® Tick Remover. The Tick Remover is supplied with two alcohol swabs for disinfecting the bite locations after the tick has been removed.

1. Hold the tweezers with your thumb and middle finger and use your index finger to press on the rear end of the tweezers; the grab mechanism will now open.
2. Place the grab mechanism carefully over the tick – as closely as possible to the skin – and then allow the grab mechanism to close.
3. Then, with a few gentle tugs, pull the tick out vertically from the skin.
4. Disinfect the location of the tick bite and put the date of the bite in your diary.



  • Removes ticks quickly, safely, and easily
  • Specially developed gripping jaws (for nymphs too)
  • Minimal risk of damaging ticks
  • Includes two alcohol swabs for disinfecting the bite location after the tick has been removed

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Careplus Tick Out Removal Tool