Black Stainless Steel Paracord FID

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The stainless steel paracord FID is a must to give the best finish on any paracord project that involves weaving/stitching, due to the thin point it allows weaving through the tightest weaves, braids or knots.

Manufactured from strong polished steel allowing easy threading without getting stuck. the reverse end has a threaded hole which will hold your paracord secure while your weaving without the worries of it falling out. Easy to attach just cut the end of the paracord you wish to use into a point, apply heat to stop end from fraying and screw into the needle until it has got a good hold.


  • Size: 77mm x 5mm
  • Material: Polished Steel
  • Colour: Black

    Package Includes:

    Black Stainless Steel Paracord FID