BCB Emergency Foil Poncho

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BCB Foil Hypothermia Poncho, Made from strong 12 micron, metallised polyester it helps prevent body heat loss and is 100% waterproof. Ideal to keep in your bag, car or pocket just incase you get caught out. The poncho also includes an integral hood which will help maximize body heat retention, designed to prevent hypothermia and shock.



  • Strong 12 Micron, Metallised Polyester
  • Integral Hood Helps Maximize Body Heat Retention.
  • Pullover Style Provides Maximum Protection
  • Reflects Radiant Body Heat
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Windproof & Waterproof
  • Radar Reflective Properties
  • One Size Fits All
  • Long 3/4 Length Cut
  • Designed For Single Use
  • Actual Size: 104cm x 94cm
  • Weight 87g 


Package Includes:

BCB Emergency Foil Poncho