BCB Crusader Multi Fuel Cooking System

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A neat all in one, professional, strong, multi fuel cooker, drinking cup, aluminium cooking cup and water bottle.

similar to the military issue, each item fits neatly inside the other and also around the water bottle so it's compact for you to carry. It's shaped to fit next to you and it's all contained in a handy belt-pouch also included.

Quick & easy to use with any solid or gel and most liquid fuels.



  • Lightweight & very strong
  • Quick cooking time. The boil time of 500ml of water is an incredible 5 1/2 minutes when using the fantastic FireDragon fuel.
  • The metal cup is hard-anodised, giving it an easy to clean finish
  • Compact - all handles fold away, and it concertinas into itself
  • Weight: 620g
  • Includes: Black carry pouch


Package Includes:

BCB Crusader Multi Fuel Cooking System - Black Pouch