550 Paracord USA Made - Neon Yellow - 100ft

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Genuine 550lb US made paracord, Our cord is manufactured by a fully certified government approved contractor. This Type III 550lb Paracord is made from 100% Nylon, includes the 7 inner nylon strands with a nylon outer sheath.

Many suppliers of the "550lb"  paracord import from China and its made from cheaper materials such as polyester or polypropylene and will not stand up to a weight load of 550lb if applied to it , also these materials can eventually rot and attract mildew and colours may run when wet from water or sweat and are not ideal when making survival bracelets etc.

Our 550 paracord Type III features seven individual inner core strands that are cabled, The inner core strands not only serve to add strength to the overall product integrity, but sections of the core can be used as sewing thread, fishing lines, and many other survival uses, This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical and survival bracelets and more.

The 550 Paracord we stock will not rot or attract mildew and colours will not run when wet from water or sweat unlike cheaper cord being sold as 550 paracord.



  • Will NOT Rot or attract Mildew
  • Made In The USA
  • Genuine Paracord Made From 100% Nylon 


Package Includes:

550 Paracord USA Made - Neon Yellow - 100ft