5 x Pottasium Permangante Vials

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Pack of five vials filled with potassium permanganate, each vial contains 8 grams approx, Potassium is a must for any outdoor survival pack/kit, Can be used for a wide range of uses the main three are water purification, fire lighting & cleaning wounds. Due to potassium being an oxidiser when mixed with a glycerol based product or products such as brake fluid, anti-freeze it will create a chemical reaction and ignite,

To purify water using potassium simply add a few crystals to a litre of water and it will turn pink in colour this means the water is safe to drink. when cleaning wounds and cuts simply mix the potassium with water until it turns dark purple in colour this can then be used to clean cuts and wounds.  


  • Size: 60mm x 15mm Approx


Package Includes:

5 x Potassium Permangante Vials