5 x Pottasium Permangante Vials

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Pack of five (5) vials filled with Potassium Permanganate, each vial contains 10 grams approx. Potassium is a must for any outdoor survival pack/kit, can be used for a wide range of applications. The main three are - Water PurificationFire Lighting & Cleaning Wounds.

Potassium being an oxidiser means it can be mixed with a glycerol based product which will create a chemical reaction and ignite.

To use Potassium as a water purifier, simply add a few crystals to a litre of water and when it turns pink in colour this means the water is safe to drink ( we always recommend filtering water as many times as possible ) When cleaning wounds and cuts simply mix the Potassium with water until it turns dark purple, it can then be used to treat & clean wounds.


  • Dimensions: 75mm x 16mm
  • Pack of five

Package Includes:

5 x Potassium Permanganate Vials