25ft Thin Red Line Live Fire 550 Firecord

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25ft Black 550 Firecord, 550 Firecord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness. 550 parachute cord or paracord has been the standard go-to for most cordage needs as it has tons of utility. From zipper pulls and handles to keychains, bracelets and lanyards and as simply as lashing.

Live Fire Gear have added an 8th strand to the paracord which is a fire tinder, the 8th strand is colour coded, waterproof and is easy to ignite. Simply deploy your 550 Firecord to meet all of your paracord needs, When you need the fire tinder remove the inner strands, light just like any fire tinder and build your fire. After the inner strands are used, the outer shell can be reused like before, for lanyards, keychains, zipper pulls or emergency lashing.



  • 25ft Black FireCord
  • Easy to ignite
  • Ideal for zipper pulls, keyrings, lanyards, adding to existing firelighting kit
  • Made in the USA


Package Includes:

25ft Black 550 Firecord