200g BCB FireDragon Eco Gel Fuel

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FireDragon GEL is an all weather ECO FRIENDLY biofuel & firelighter. Made from UK Sourced ethanol, FireDragon can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and excellent for charcoal barbecues, as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces. BCB formulated and developed the FireDragon firelighter to help people who venture in the great outdoors cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, safeguard their health and while protecting the environment.

FireDragon is now used by the UK Ministry of Defence and issued to military personnel in exchange for the old hexamine fuel which has been used in the military for over 40 years.



  • Easy to light with matches or flint & striker
  • Low Luminosity
  • Very little soot given off
  • Safe to be packed with food
  • Can be used as hand sanitizer
  • Air transportable



Package Includes:

200g BCB FireDragon Fuel Pouch