1KG Natural Fatwood Tinder Sticks

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1KG Natural fatwood sticks, each pack contains 2 x 500g bundles wrapped together in natural jute twine which can also be used as an emergency firelighting tinder and will easily catch a spark. Fatwood is a must for any firelighting kit or beside the fireplace, it can be ignited simply by using a lighter or can be feathered with a knife which will make it easier to catch a spark from a ferro rod. Fatwood is an all weather firestarter and will even burn when wet due to the high resin content.

Cut from the resin saturated heartwood found in the stumps of ancient longleaf pines, our fatwood burns with a hot, aromatic pine flame that makes it the perfect kindling.


  • 1KG Natural Fatwood Sticks
  • Ideal for quick firestarting
  • Waterproof 

Package Includes:

1KG Natural Fatwood Sticks