100g Silver Natural Fatwood Tinder

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100g Tin all natural Fatwood Sticks, one of the best natural firestarters to use when a fire is needed quickly. Fatwood is found in the heartwood of pine trees and is harvested from the stumps of the tree when a tree has fallen or cut down. Fatwood contains a high concentration of resin (sap) which makes it highly flammable and also waterproof. 

Fatwood makes the perfect addition to any firelighting kit, because of the resin content it lights very quickly even when wet, its very wind resistant and burns hot enough to light larger pieces of wood, it can be used as is or a small piece of Fatwood can be used many times to create tinder by shaving small curls and using them to light other larger pieces of wood



  • Weight Of Fatwood Included: 100g +
  • Includes 2oz Silver Storage Tin
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof


Package Includes:

100g Fatwood Tin (Silver)