Wazoo Survival Gear Bees Waxed Jute

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Made in the USA by Wazoo Survival Gear. Wazoo Waxed Jute Tinder Spool, 5 feet of all natural jute twine coated with bees wax and wrapped up on a small, easy to deploy spool. Just cut it, fluff it, and spark it.

Ferro rods are great, but you need a reliable source of dry tinder to get your fire started. Without tinder, you just have sparks. Bee's wax will never evaporate like some modern chemical fire starters, the jute does not absorb water as drastically as cotton does making it even more water resistant, and the deploy-able spool keeps the ends from unraveling on their own making it extremely user friendly.

How Many Fires Will It Make?

How much you use is directly related to your fire starting skills and the conditions that day. 1 inch is usually enough to turn your ferro rod spark into a steady flame to start small dry twigs if you're confident in your skills. If it's cold, blustery, or wet, you may want to use up to 6 inches.

How Do I Use It?

Any way you want! Once you cut off a length, you can fluff the entire thing to make a large hot flame, or fluff just the end to catch the spark, leaving the rest of the length to burn long and slow like a candle.


  • 5ft Of Bees Waxed Jute Tinder
  • Safely Stored On Spool
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Dimensions: 45mm
  • Weight: 11g
Package Includes:

Wazoo Survival Gear Bees Waxed Jute Tinder Spool