Wazoo Firestorm Paracord Buckle

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Made in the USA by Wazoo Survival Gear. The Firestorm Buckle, Wazoo survival gear's latest survival innovation - The newly redesigned Firestorm! Make sure you know what you're buying; It may be your life on the line some day.


  • Patent Pending
  • Contoured, 1-3/4"L X 1"W (1/2" wide openings)
  • Black plastic with an improved positive locking engagement
  • Can be woven into paracord bracelets or incorporated into watchbands, rifle slings, webbing straps, or any other place a small side-release buckle is applicable.


  • Zirconia (ZrO2) Ceramic is nonconductive, nonmagnetic, won't rust, corrode, and holds an edge that outlasts steel 10x.
  • Removable, blade can be flipped around and reinserted (blade out) to allow the buckle to be used as a handle.
  • White, to prevent loss. More visible in most natural environments.


  • Injection molded into center prong of male portion.
  • Small but powerful. A survival instructor started 150+ full-on fires using one buckle.


  • Pealess, can be used in wet or frozen conditions.
  • Wazoo is the ONLY company granted exclusive rights by the patent holder to manufacture a whistle in the design of a buckle. (*All other whistle buckles can be held liable for patent infringement.)


  • Custom ultra-thin acryllic
  • Improved mirror finish, adhesive, and durability.


Package Includes:

 1 x Wazoo Survival Gear Firestorm Buckle (Model Selected By Customer)