Titan SurvivorCord Paracord - Black Steel

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The culmination of 18 months of back and forth collaboration between Special Forces operators in Afghanistan and Titan Survival, SurvivorCord is their patented MIL-SPEC 550 paracord, with 3 potentially life-saving survival strands added to the inner core during manufacturing, snare wire, fishing line and waterproof fire tinder.

Are you wondering who uses SurvivalCord and what is it for? Well since SurvivorCord was designed to be the ultimate replacement for standard paracord, its carried by active military, Veterans, Survivalists, Bushcrafters and outdoor aficionados all over the world. From Special Ops to Boy Scouts all over the U.S.A they carry it in their vehicles, packs and emergency kits so that they always have easy access to incredible cordage.

And as a replacement for paracord, SurvivorCord can be used for any of the normal paracord uses, crafting, utility line, emergency cordage, trail markers etc, So what makes it so good?

Titan use high quality MIL-SPEC nylon to achieve a tensile strength of > 620lbs, Titans 7 x 3-Ply Nylon strands are UV resistant, mold resistant and pre-shrunk to make sure that there is no shrinkage or deterioration in the elements.

The outer sheath of Titan SurvivorCord also exceeds MIL-SPEC strength requirements, and is fabricated with a proprietary twist to minimize the risk of the inner components punching through the wall.

The included fishing line is a clear 25lb high strength mono-filament that can be used to not only fish in both fresh water and salt water but can also be used to bind rudimentary tools.

The snare wire is a 30 AWG (0.25mm) proprietary brass alloy with an impressive tensile strength of 7lbs that can also be used as an emergency antenna, trip wire, an electrical wire and so many more things.

The waterproof fire tinder is made from paraffin-impregnated jute fiber, and it is completely odorless! We soaked it underwater for 4 hours, and we were still able to start a roaring fire with it, with just a few quick sparks from a flint & striker.



  • Made In The USA
  • Total Weight: 13 ounces (370g)
  • Length: 100ft
  • Fishing line Strength: 25lbs
  • Snare wire metal: Brass
  • Snare wire Gauge 30 AWG
  • Snare wire strength: 8lbs


Package Includes:

100ft Titan Survivor Cord - Black Steel