Wilma Tjarsalva Skin Ointment - 15ml

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Wilma's natural products are made in Swedish Lapland, and utilise the knowledge and techniques that have been preserved for generations by the people who live and work in the northern forest.

Tar has traditionally been used for skin rash, eczema and psoriasis. For generations, this type of ointment has been used in northern Scandinavia as a salve for cracked, dry or itchy skin.

This ointment contains lanolin in addition to a small amount of Wilma's locally produced pine tar that gives it such a pleasant and aromatic scent.

Lanolin is a natural fat product that is extracted from sheep's wool. It is a fat that does not clog the pores, and which has an outstanding ability to preserve the skin's natural moisture and keep it soft and supple. The lanolin protects our skin in the same way as the wool protects the sheep against the weather, wind and dehydration. Lanolin has an unmatched moisturizing ability and keeps skin smooth and soft. It is an effective remedy to cracks on the hands and feet, eczema, dry skin, cuts, abrasions, while allowing the skin to breathe. It is also a very good ointment to use on the pads of dogs paws, if dry and cracked for example.

Since the base of this ointment is 95% lanolin, this tar ointment feels smoother than regular skin ointment and is precisely why this ointment is so effective. It has the absolutely amazing softening and moisturizing properties of the lanolin while having all of the good properties of tar. Sticky is good!



  • Made in Sweden
  • Size: 15ml



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Wilma Tjarsalva Skin Ointment - 15ml