Hultafors 850g Felling Axe

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This Hultafors felling axe is practical when felling trees and for other chopping tasks in the garden or the woods. This axe comes without sheath.

The axe head is forged from Swedish axe steel. The edge is hardened to make sure it is strong enough to stay sharp without breaking, but can also be sharpened. Basically everything you like to see in an axe head.

Hultafors uses American hickory wood for the handles. This type of wood is exceptional in absorbing blows without breaking. 



  • Weight: 1320g
  • Overall Length: 66.5cm
  • Handle Length: 59.1cm
  • Axe Head Weight: 850g
  • Hickory Handle
  • Leather Sheath


Package Includes:

Hultafors 850g Felling Axe