DD Organiser Bags - Pack of 5

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Finally, a handy (and sustainable) system for keeping your food separate from your trash, and your clean clothes separate from your dirty laundry while you're on a camping or hiking trip! Or whilst travelling.

Made from our very lightweight Superlight Tarp material.


Dirty, wet socks? Food wrappers? Many campers might use single use plastic bags to separate these things from their other gear, but this isn't good for the environment. So why not store your travelling gear in our reusable, clearly labelled waterproof drawstring bags?


Available in a set of five, each storage bag is clearly labelled - so you never mix up your stuff on an outdoor expedition ever again!

Five stuff sacks made from 100% waterproof PU-coated ripstop nylon - the same lightweight material as our Superlight Tarps are made from.

*please note - these are not seam sealed and have a draw cord fastening so they are not waterproof under water.

Two sizes: 45cm x 25cm (Clothing bags) & 37cm x 29cm (Rubbish, Food & Bag no. 5)

Drawcord closure.

Labelled: Food, Clothing (clean), Clothing (wash me), Rubbish, and Bag no.5 - for whatever you want!


  • Size: 42cm x 25cm , 37cm x 29cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Weight: 100g (Altogether)
  • Includes: 5 x Waterproof drawcord bags


Package Includes:

DD Organiser Bags - Pack of 5