DD Camping Hammock - Olive Green

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DD Camping Hammock is lightweight, compact and comfortable. Durable and lightweight, the camping hammock suits a range of uses from leisure to wild camping. It also benefits from two zip-open layers - for you to put either a thermarest between or yourself!


  • Comes with 2 zippers (on 1 zip) for easy entry/ exit
  • Two layer design that allows cocoon-like sleeping
  • You can lie out in the open (on top of both layers) with the option to put a thermarest/ camping mat between the layers as insulation
  • Comes with 10m of webbing/ rope attached ready to hang
  • Stuff Sack (size when packed approx 30cm x 10cm)


  • Size: 2.7m x 1.4m (comfortable for people up to 6ft 5in and 125kg)
  • Weight: 650g (hammock only)
  • Includes: 10m of Webbing, Small Stuff Sack


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DD Camping Hammock Olive Green